What to Expect

I am the Ghost Keeper of York, England. 

Follow me as my evening ghost walking tour takes you along narrow passageways and dark streets to investigate bloodcurdling tales of scandal and death - of phantoms, ghosts, apparitions and supernatural stories of the strange and macabre. 

Meet me outside the Jorvik Viking centre - for what will promise to be around an hour and fifteen minutes of first-class ghost walk entertainment for adults and children alike!

The Ghost Keeper does not need tricks or bags full of props to help with his storytelling. Instead, he relies only on his wit, knowledge and skill.

Dressed in his trademark Skull Top Hat and Dickensian overcoat, he will take you to parts of old York that even some long-standing residents never knew existed.

Absorb the very atmosphere of the place, whilst the realisation dawns that many of these spots - even on the sunniest of days - will be forever in the shade.

As your eyes become accustomed to the gloom, listen spellbound along with your fellow investigators as the Ghost Keeper himself carefully strips away the layers between fiction and fact in his own irreverent comedic style - at times sinister - at others poignant - but always entertaining.

Making your way around the dimly-lit streets, you will become aware that the Ghost Keeper does not merely tell the traditional ghost stories of York - he actively researches them, along with any new sightings which may occur.

With the Ghost Keeper, you can rest assured that you have found a dynamic ghost tour with the very latest secrets of the supernatural, delivered in a traditionally British style, with one of the most beautiful cities in the world as its backdrop.

Phone: 07397 938645 or email: enquiries@ghostkeeper.co.uk for details

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