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Ghost Stories from GhostKeeper York

Body Shop York by The Ghostkeeper

Within the Coppergate Centre, not so very far from the Jorvik Viking museum, is the rather appropriately-named Body Shop. It hasn’t always been the Body Shop of course, but then, the current buildings haven’t always been a shopping centre.

T'Dog Knaws

It is a little known fact - even in York itself - that, outside the Vatican in Rome, the Minster is the only church in the world to have its own police force. The men that make up this select few have never been known to indulge in flights of fancy or to entertain themselves with silly tales to frighten each other.

The Entombed Grey Lady

In St Leonard’s Place resides the York Theatre Royal, which as a theatre dates back to 1744. However, the fabric of this Georgian and Victorian structure incorporates parts of the old Medieval Hospital of St. Leonard which was administered by a strict order of nuns. It is said that one of these women fell in love with the son of a local aristocrat,

The Plague Housej

There is a rather fine building near to the Eastern end of York Minster with stone front and an oriel window projecting outward. That building is nowadays nicknamed ‘The Plague House’. That is a relatively recent nickname for it.